One Northern Devon is a partnership of organisations working together to improve wellbeing for the people and communities of North Devon and Torridge.

Northern Devon is now at the forefront of an approach to improving health and well-being, and at its heart is an understanding that people need more than just good NHS services to keep well.

A person’s living conditions, work and social environment have a big impact on their wellbeing, even contributing to a difference in life expectancy of up to 15 years in some areas of North Devon.

If we can tackle problems like unsuitable housing, poor employment prospects and social isolation, we can help prevent the poor health that results from such factors.

In order to more effectively address issues like these, housing and environmental services, education providers, employers, community groups, fire, police and health and social care services need to work together.

One Northern Devon is a partnership of public and voluntary sector partners working together to improve wellbeing in North Devon & Torridge. It aims to reduce health inequalities through co-ordination of the activity of all partners involved in the wider determinants of health and an approach that is person-centred and place-focussed.


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One Northern Devon recognises that there is a disconnect between public services, despite their interdependence.  It aims to address this disparity through co-ordination of the system and a further understanding that for services to be most effective they need to be designed to meet the needs of individuals and the context they live in.

One Northern Devon’s Strategy covers a 10 year period starting in 2020, the year that saw a global pandemic transform the way we live and work. By bringing together our full range of partners in a united purpose, we can use every opportunity and advantage we have in Northern Devon to design a way of life that is fairer for all.