As a delivery partner, One Northern Devon are coordinating activities with the following partners;

CEET – Valley of the Rocks daytrip

Petroc College/Chill Swim – Cold water swimming

Barnstaple Ability Football Club – Football tournament day trip

CEET – Hartland Quay

The Royal North Devon Golf Club – Golf Tasters

Quince Honey Farm – Willow Weaving Workshop

Although these activities fall in certain areas, the whole idea is that we can provide transport to attend where needed (within reason) so promotion of these can be across the whole patch and not restricted to the location of the activity.

Currently we’re struggling to get referrals from the social prescribers so if the CDs are in contact with them at any point could we ask that they also promote these opportunities please. Yvette can keep them updated.

Finally, there are two pots of money

A community fund which organisations can apply for which is administered by DCC – I believe much of this has been allocated already now but groups orgs can still apply.

The money allocated to OND as a delivery partner. What we would rather is that if organisations/groups in ND have ideas for activities, involving transport, which would tackle loneliness within their communities, that in the first place they contact us (Yvette) – we have a budget for activities (£12K), with the possibility of a further £14K so would be happy to discuss their ideas and work to support them.