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If you’ve got less money because of coronavirus

You can check what help you can get if you can’t pay your bills or are worried about being evicted. This includes things like your rent, mortgage, energy bills, council tax or court fines.

Getting benefits

You might be able to claim benefits or get more money if you’re already getting benefits. This includes any statutory sick pay (SSP) your employer might give you.

Check what benefits you can get.

If you’re already getting benefits, check if the government has made any changes to your benefits.

If you have no money for food

You might be able get help from a food bank. You’ll need to be referred to a food bank. If you have a referral, you’re still allowed to travel to a food bank – either for yourself or someone who’s vulnerable. 

Find out more about getting referred to a food bank.

Going to work 

The government has said you should only go to work if it’s ‘not reasonably possible’ for you to work from home.

If your employer tells you not to work because of coronavirus

If your place of work has shut down or there’s no work for you because of coronavirus, you can carry on getting paid. 

Your employer might use the government Coronavirus Job Retention scheme to pay you while there’s no work to do.

Find out how the scheme works.

If you’re off work because you’re self-isolating or shielding

You might get statutory sick pay (SSP) if you’re following government guidance to self-isolate or you’re shielding. 

You could get SSP if:

You’re ‘vulnerable’ if you’re aged 70 or over, pregnant or have certain health conditions – it’s different from being extremely vulnerable. You might have to work if you’re vulnerable. Find out if you’re classed as vulnerable on GOV.UK. If you want to stop working, you won’t get SSP unless you’re following government guidance to self-isolate.

Find out more about getting SSP.

If you’re worried about going to work because of coronavirus

  • If you’re worried about having to go to work, there are things your employer should be doing to make sure you’re safe.
  • If you decide not to work, there might be ways to keep getting paid.
  • If you’re worried about working and you’re pregnant or disabled, there might be other things your employer has to do.
  • Check what to do if you’re worried about working.