The framework describes the One Northern Devon approach to supporting residents during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a working document, updated weekly, with three main aims:

  • Aim 1: Mobilising One Communities. One Communities have an infrastructure in place at micro-level that can respond quickly and reach residents at street-level
  • Aim 2: Share good practice with other communities who don’t have the same infrastructure. We will work with parish councils and rural communities to support their local volunteering and giving access to the support network.
  • Aim 3: Co-ordinating with the Northern Devon and wider Devon response. We have mapped the wider system groups and have created communication and operational links into each of these.

We are mobilising two levels of support:

  • First level of support: Support for people self-isolate at home through deliveries of shopping and prescriptions as well as phone calls
  • Second level of support: Support to help people with wider needs. This support is being rolled out using the following:
    1. One Communities and parishes
    2. One Northern Devon partners
    3. Northern Devon businesses and charitable organisations

At 6/04/2020, OND went live with the first level of support through One Communities and parishes

Current status: On 14/04/2020, OND went live with the first level of support through OND partner organisations

Next step: First level of support to include business community