Risk 1: Funding for: Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Torrington 100 Community Developer and One Ilfracombe Community Developer runs out in May 2020. These roles are vital for the Covid-19 cascade system.
Suggested mitigation: Andrea is speaking to Darin Halifax to see if there are other STP covid funds. Suggest NHS leads ask their own organisations if there are covid funds.

Risk 2: The NHS GoodSam volunteers are not joined up with anything happening locally. Risk of unclear messages to health & social care teams. Which conduit do they use?
Suggested mitigation: Suggested route is that in the first instance, the cascade system into existing voluntary support is used so that we can understand demand. The GoodSam app will be utilised as a second line request. Ultimately, we will explore whether the two offers can be brought together.

Risk 3: Health & Social Care teams may be overwhelmed if we publicise routes for existing statutory support but One Communities may be overwhelmed if we don’t‘.
Suggested mitigation: use social prescribing network as part of the team to direct people to any additional statutory support they may need including help at home, financial advice etc.

Risk 4: Torridge PCN does not have full social prescriber.
Suggested mitigation: Suggest MOU similar to Community Developers with TTVS as employer

Risk 5: Communications supportThe issue of lack of capacity to deliver effective internal and external communication was raised at the last meeting. NDC & the CCG offered to see if there was any capacity within their teams to offer half a day a week. No capacity has been identified.
Suggested mitigation: that £2,400 from the 2019/20 ‘Contingency’ cost centre is allocated to this role for 6 months for a Band 6 Communications Officer.