What is the support offer?

It has been important to be clear what support OND is co-ordinating.

The support offer currently is limited to the following:

  • Shopping collection and delivery
  • Prescription collection and delivery
  • Phone calls for emotional support to isolated people

Other support requests are being collated but are not currently part of the offer.

What is the level of readiness within each One Community?

One Community Chair/Lead for Community Response Cascading LA Ready for Cascade system Extra Capacity needed?
One Ilfracombe Steven Seatherton NDC YES Not at present. Core Team of Charmain and Neil Ingram working on this response with Sarah Hiscock focussing on prescriptions and Miriam Turner (SP) providing a sign posting role. Extra capacity needed to be highlighted to OND if and when this need arises.
Updated on 9.4.20 – Capacity still ok at present
One Barnstaple Simon Jones/Rob Ward NDC YES Not at present – Barnstaple Town Council have given over staffing resource to get this system up and running. To be monitored by Ella and Rob Ward and any capacity needs to be highlighted
Updated on 9.4.20 – Numbers of enquiries going up due to NDC Cascade but still manageable. Using Trello very effectively for case management
One South Molton Cassandra Chan/Jacqui Footman NDC YES Not at present- OSM are managing the referrals and supporting the Cass Chan. The group communicate well on Google. To be monitored.
Updated on 9.4.20 – number of cases ok, cascade working well with SMTC staff supporting Cass
Braunton Community Network Tracey Lovell NDC YES To be discussed on Skype -call with David Relph and Tracey Lovell on 01.04.20
09.04.20 – ndc cascade started, referrals going through. Emailed both Roxi and Tracey for a catch up asap.
One Bideford Paul Huxtable/Lara Eley/ Carl Hawkins TDC Not at present – Call to confirm 1/4/20 Yes, think that there will be extra resource needed due to capacity at TTVS
To be highlighted by Paul Huxtable when needed
09.04.20 – TDC have now launched their cascade system and are triaging a lot of calls so they do not get to TTVS. Paul is utilising staff from other projects for this now. Will highlight if there is extra need.
Torington 100 John Insull/Cathy Richards TDC Need to speak to Karen – Town Clerk Hannah to make contact with Karen Town Clerk from Torrington to see if they need any support
Cathy from T100 will be in her revised role supporting and mapping the response throughout the villages around Torrington as Torrington Town Council have taken the lead within Torrington itself (amended job description can be circulated.
09.04.20 – T100 meeting next week and Town Clerk for GTTC will join
Holsworthy Cllr Jon Hutchings TDC Yes Spoke to Jon Hutchings 31.03.20 They are already having calls from TDC and happy to carry on with their dedicated number. Offer has been made by Hannah to support this group if they need it. Hannah is sending all Devon/Northern Devon wide relevant information through to Jon.
Bridget is supporting Jon and the team when they need it. She is also looking at the parishes/villages around Holsworthy to see what support they need
09.04.20 – Going really well in Holsworthy. Bridget just completing mapping of parishes – will share with TDC asap. Capacity fine at the moment but will highlight if a problem.