The Covid pandemic demonstrated that national emergencies require both a national and local response and that both can be effective in alleviating the impacts on individuals and communities. The cost of living crisis being experienced by millions in the UK has any of the features of the pandemic. It disproportionally affects those in lower socio-economic groups, it could have a devastating effect on the live of millions and it requires a joined up response at both local and national level to alleviate the impact.

Key Action Areas

The cost of living crisis is affecting many people – those already in poverty, those just about making ends meet and other vulnerable groups. There is currently a ‘perfect storm’ brewing for people across the board: the increase in energy costs, rising rental costs, spiralling debt and the more difficult to describe but nevertheless tangible effects of the stress of not knowing if you can make ends meet for yourself and your loved ones.

Each of the sections below contains details of advice, information and services on a National, Regional and Local level.