Supply chain management is currently tackled on a sector basis, yet the nature of integrated supply chains is complex and invariably covers a number of sectors and themes. Benefits are frequently not recognised, particularly in respect of indirect job creation.

To address this issue One Northern Devon has adopted a coordinated approach to local sourcing with a specific focus on understanding and stimulating local supply chain development is a major opportunity to link wellbeing agendas with healthy economies and healthy communities. Maintaining a strategy that incorporates this overarching approach can be empowering and enable agreed economic and strategic outputs. North Devon Biosphere provides a vehicle for this. Examples against sectors include:

Environmental improvements

Linked to enhanced biodiversity, natural capital gains, benefits to eco-tourism, benefits to hospitality and leisure businesses, opportunities for education.

  • Ensure land used for production is suited for it (Sustainable Land Use Policy). Ascertain which land use can be reduced & which increased to meet communities’ needs.
  • Provide a market for goods

Natural Capital Economic Activity

  • Hubs for woodland and timber produce. Training apprentices in sustainable construction to produce affordable homes with prefabricated panels from local produce. Highly energy efficient and low construction price.
  • Planting trees to improve carbon capture. Woodlands created provide new habitats and management opportunities. Primary and secondary industry creation including a wide range of timber products and potential for a hub to manufacture modular timber structures. Wide range of training and apprenticeship opportunities including forestry