The One Communities

Better and more equitable health and wellbeing for the people and communities of Northern Devon

Recognising that health services have only a 10% overall impact on residents health and the people that best understand communities are those that live and work in them, the One Communities bring together local organisations and groups to work on the things that matter to the local community.

One Northern Devon supports the development of the One Communities across Northern Devon (North Devon & Torridge), which now includes six towns, one village and the surrounding areas. These cross-sector partnerships bring together those involved in prevention and the wider determinants of health and wellbeing (social, economic and environmental factors) to help build safer, fairer, more cohesive and resilient communities.

Using a strengths-based approach, each One Community is supported by a Community Developer and a volunteer Chair to help members:

  • Learn and identify what’s available locally
  • Consider any gaps in local provision
  • Understand ‘what matters’ to the local community by engaging with residents
  • Find ways to work together to increase the impact of place-based initiatives

Further info

One Northern Devon Communities Group

The One Northern Devon Communities group is the forum where representatives from the One Communities and organisations meet to share information, ideas and discuss common barriers. Where solutions can’t be found, these are escalated to the One Northern Devon alliance of partners. 

See ToR for OND Communities Group   

OND One Communities group rep: Louise Flagg – 

The seven One Communities are:

One Atlantic (Community group)

One Atlantic is a new Community forum consisting of private, public, charitable and third sector organisations. Our main focus is the health and wellbeing of our local communities in Bideford and the surrounding areas.

Chair: Tom Humphreys –

Community Developer: Trudi Mackie-Brown –

Find out more on the One Atlantic website 

See One Atlantic’s Community Development outputs/outcomes

One Barnstaple (Community group)

One Barnstaple is a partnership of local voluntary, community and public service organisations in Barnstaple, led by local GP Dr Simon Jones. In May 2019, launched with a 3 day event showcasing the fantastic community and voluntary sector organisations within the town. Representatives from One Barnstaple partner organisations attended the event to ask residents their opinion of Barnstaple and what they thought could be improved. Over 500 responses have been received so far, and these will be used by the One Barnstaple partnership to form a one year plan alongside public health data.

Chair: Jane Petch – 

Community Developers: Ella McCann –

Find out more on the One Barnstaple website 

See One Barnstaple’s Community Development outputs/outcomes


Holsworthy & District Community Forum (Community group)

H&DCF was built on the links made between OND and the Holsworthy Mutual Aid Group and the work previously carried out by the Holsworthy Community Involvement Group (HCIG). One of the recommendations from HCIG was to create a One Community in Holsworthy. The Community Developer for Holsworthy was working to support the mutual aid group since March 2020 and carried out a large amount of engagement within the community. 

Chair: Geoff Cusick –

Community Developer: Alison Skinner –

Find out more on the H&DCF website

See Holsworthy and District Community Forum’s Community Development outputs/outcomes 


One Ilfracombe Ltd (Not for profit)

One Ilfracombe is a not for profit company which brings together services, businesses and the community for better health, economic prosperity and a higher quality living environment for the people of Ilfracombe. Over the last 6 years, One Ilfracombe has developed and delivered many projects to improve the wellbeing of its residents. These have included the Community Connector social prescribing service, mental health and dementia awareness, The Town Team, Out of the Blue cadet programme, as well as many others. Recently, One Ilfracombe has received funding to expand the Community Connector Service for 2 hours a day in Combe Coastal GP surgery and employ a Community Development Officer.

Chair: Dr Sarah Williams (Living Well group) –

Programme manager: Steve Seatherton –

Community Developers:

  • Natalie Purdy-Guevara –
  • Mary Midson –
  • Charmaine Lovett (Project officer at Ilfracombe Town Council) –

Find out more on the One Ilfracombe website

See One Ilfracombe’s Community Development outputs/outcomes


Live Well in Braunton CIC (Community Interest Company)

Live well in Braunton is a community partnership started by Dr Susanna Hill, Lorraine Loveden, Roger Byrom and others in 2017. The aim of the group is to improve connections within Braunton which they have done by launching a website which provides links to all community organisations in the village. The group has published a directory with copies located at the GP surgery and venues in Braunton. Live Well in Braunton have recently received funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to employ a Community Developer and Social Prescriber. Live Well in Braunton do not host their own forum but are an active member of the Braunton and Communities Forum.

Chair: Dr Susanna Hill –

Community Developer: Andrea Mules –

Find out more on the Live Well in Braunton website

See Live Well In Braunton’s Community Development outputs/outcomes


One South Molton (Community group)

One South Molton aim is to bringing residents and service providers together who know the local area best, to work on things that matter most to their community. Only recently formed (early 2020) the group have rapidly formed to support South Molton and Community as part of the Covid-19 response. 

Chair: Adam Crispin

Community Developer: Emily Abbott and Verity Hanson

Find out more on the One South Molton Website 

See One South Molton’s Community Development outputs/outcomes


Torrington 100 (Community group)

The Torrington 100 group received funding from the improved Better Care Fund (Health and Social care funding) to employ two part time community developers. Torridge Volunteer services (TTVS) and The Plough Arts Centre are facilitating the project which aims to support Torrington’s satellite village communities as well as Great Torrington itself with an arts and culture based scheme. The group are also collaborating with Torrington Futures group and Care Forum to develop a website and database. Torrington 100 was originally the steering group for this project but are currently looking at evolving the group to have a wider focus around the health and wellbeing of Torrington.

Chair: Adrian Avery (Interim Chair) –

Community Developer: Amanda Smithson

Find out more on the Torrington 100 website 

See Torrington 100’s Community Development outputs/outcomes