One Northern Devon’s Community Flow programme aims to provide better access to community support and includes the Settle and Support at Home service (previously known as Home from Hospital & Connecting with Communities). 


1. Patients leaving hospital have practical & emotional support to settle back into their own home and avoid unnecessary re-admission.

2. People identified by community health & social care professionals receive the unregulated, non-medical support they need in order to reduce unnecessary  medical interactions.

What services are offered?

  1. The Settle and Support at Home Service (Tier 1) – A volunteer-led service (1-3 home visits / phone calls) that helps patients that are on a community health & social care caseload or those being discharged from hospital.
  2. A Community around the person (CAP)  intervention – A person-centred intervention that aims to connect people with voluntary and community groups/activities/support available in their local (or wider) area. A CAP intervention allows people to explain ‘what matters’ to them, to be listened to and understood, allowing for community support to be drawn in and ‘flow’ around them. This approach helps people access the activities/groups/support and social networks available within their community to support them in living the life they want and achieving the things that really matter to them.  As part of the process ‘What Matters’ conversations are had with the person themselves. These conversations focus on the person’s needs and a plan is developed together, facilitated by the community flow coordinator. The Community flow Co-ordinator connects the person with a community developer, who acts as a conduit to the wider community, so that the community ‘flows’ around the person. 
  3. Increasing the local unregulated care provision (Tier 2) by exploring the assets available within local communities and supporting local organisations to meet the needs of local residents. Tier 2 covers ‘paid for’ short-term unregulated services (upto 4 weeks), ongoing unregulated support and market development.


If you have a patient or client that you feel would benefit from a Volunteer and/or a Community around the person (CAP)  intervention please contact us. Referrals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Phone: 01271 337799





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