Community Flow

One Northern Devon’s Community Flow approach aims to provide better access to community support and includes projects previously known as ‘Home from Hospital’ (Settle at Home) and ‘Connecting with Communities’ (Support at Home)

Why is Community Flow needed?

People most in need of support are least likely to receive it. They are expected to fit in with what services need rather than the other way around and many describe feeling that no-one cares. They feel ‘bounced around’ services and telling their story again and again, which can be distressing, particularly for people who have experienced trauma. People feel distanced from the professionals that support them as they get referred to various providers for more specialised support.

What if people told their story once – they were listened to and understood and community support was drawn in to ‘flow’ around them?

What is our ‘Community Flow’ approach?

Flow is a way of helping people get the full support they need to live the life they want.

Rather than referring people to a social prescriber for non-medical support, practitioners remain their key supporters and have ‘What Matters’ conversations with the person themselves. These conversations focus on the person’s goals and strengths as well as their needs and a plan is developed together. The practitioner ‘pulls in’ the support needed with the help of a Flow Co-ordinator so that support ‘flows’ around the person rather than the person bouncing around the system.

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If you have a patient or client that you feel would benefit from the Community Flow approach, please contact us. Referrals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


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