10/8/22 Letter from ‘One Devon’

Dear Colleagues,

We are thrilled to announce that NHS Devon, Devon County Council. Plymouth City Council, and Torbay Council have worked in partnership to commission Qwell (delivered by Kooth), to provide all adults aged 18+, living in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay with access to free Online digital mental health and wellbeing support.

Qwell (www.qwell.io) is a free, safe and an anonymous mental health and wellbeing online service. No referrals are required and there are no thresholds required to access the service.

The team at Kooth plc have arranged a number of webinars to introduce and officially launch Qwell to our key stakeholders across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay. Individuals can register on any of the 4 dates below:

·       GPs and healthcare professionals – Monday 12 September 11am-12pm

·       Local authority and social care providers – Wednesday 14 September 11.30am-12.30pm

·       Voluntary sector organisations – Thursday 15 September 11.30-12.30pm

·       Open session for professionals – Wednesday 28 September 12.30-1.30pm

Register for one of the sessions Discover Qwell Digital Mental Health In Devon

This session will be a fantastic opportunity for you to find out more about what Qwell can offer, not only for your patients and service-users, but also for yourselves and colleagues.

The online service offers peer-to-peer support via moderated discussion forums and self-help through reading or submitting content. Qwell also gives people the opportunity to access online counselling from qualified counsellors who are available from midday to 10pm every week day and from 6pm to 10pm at weekends. People can drop in for one-to-one instant text-based chats or book a session in advance.

This offer is an extension of the existing Kooth (www.kooth.com) which is available for children and young people aged 11-19. The addition of Qwell ensures that every adult 18+ living in Devon has access to a choice of support to managing their own emotional health and wellbeing.

We appreciate your support in helping us raise awareness about Qwell so that people across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay know there is another place that they can go to get support with their emotional health and wellbeing.

Should the scheduled date not be suitable, the team can discuss the service further with you and can attend network/team meetings to give you more information about what is available. To discuss further, contact Karen Boughey –  kboughey@kooth.com

We would appreciate your support in helping us raise awareness about Qwell. Promotional materials are available on request.

(05/08/22) update

Partners in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay have worked together to launch a new free and confidential digital mental health and wellbeing service for adults.

Qwell (www.qwell.io), delivered by mental health provider Kooth, will ensure that every adult living in the Devon has access to a choice of support to managing their own emotional health and wellbeing.

NHS Devon, working in partnership with Devon, Plymouth and Torbay Councils, has commissioned Qwell to provide all adults aged 18+ with free, anonymous, confidential digital mental health support.

Qwell offers a safe online space for adults to access therapeutic activities and content including a peer support community

QWELL to deliver a digital mental health support offer to those aged 18+ (08/7/22)

NHS Devon with Public Health colleagues as part of One Devon, have commissioned QWELL to deliver a digital mental health support offer to those aged 18+. The increased need for support for emotional health and wellbeing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic was a key driver. QWELL will provide a safe space for adults to access activities and content including a peer support community. This includes self-help articles, forums, and discussion boards that are moderated by medical experts. QWELL users can also keep an online journal and monitor their wellbeing via an interactive goal tracker. Sitting alongside the self-help and community support, is an anonymous one-on-one counselling live text chat and messaging counselling service with a team of professionally qualified practitioners. Appointments can be booked in advance or accessed via a drop-in text-based chat and run from midday to 10pm on weekdays and from 6pm to 10pm at the weekend. This provides alternate times for people to access support outside of traditional office hours.

  • The focus of QWELL is very much on promoting positive emotional health and wellbeing and supporting self care.
  • For those familiar with KOOTH (https://www.kooth.com) for the under 18’s, QWELL is the 18+ equivalent. In the same way that KOOTH sits as part of a pathway of support for CYPs, alongside CAMHS and other community based mental health support; it is anticipated that QWELL will play a similar role.
  • This link will take you to an overarching landing page. https://www.qwell.io/   

Recognising the need to ensure that QWELL is integrated into pathways, please could we ask you to: 

Identify key links for QWELL leads to liaise with to ensure that:

a) local information is available to users of QWELL;

b) You are invited to attend presentations that QWELL will be organising to support understanding of QWELL (Alternatively, if there are forums that you would like to invite QWELL into)

c) promote and signpost to QWELL – once you have an understanding of the offer.

Please can you send contact details to:  Katherine.oliverio@devon.gov.uk

Equally, if there are others that you feel should be involved, please can you send details through to Katherine.oliverio@devon.gov.uk or forward on this message to your networks.