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Full report available soon – key findings so far: OND HI Project Summary of Key Findings 07-09-2022


(3rd August 2022) What do you think?

Check out the HI stakeholder workshop outputs from the June 19th Health Equity workshop. We want to know if you agree, anything you think has been missed, and if anything surprises you? Let us know via this form.

(July 22nd 2022) Outcome of HI Event June 29th

These findings, along with the surveys and interviews, will feed into the updated OND strategy. I wanted to share this with you in case you missed the event or have not yet received these – one important message is: ‘whilst the focus [of OND] is on health and wellbeing outcomes, the focus is on more than health’ (e.g. the wider determinants of H&W – which are many (e.g Community cohesion, isolation etc)

Health Equity event – All Presentations

Film snapshot of the Event

HI stakeholder workshop principles

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the cause of reducing the unfair disadvantage that exists in our local communities.

Change is not made in remote policies and guidelines – change happens when the people ‘on the ground’ come together to make it happen – and despite the odds, that is what you signalled you wanted to be part of during our call to action event that included all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds and all sorts of professions – there for a common purpose.

We appreciate now that we have a responsibility to facilitate action towards greater equality in our area and we hope you will hold us to account for it.

Outputs of the dayBarriers and actions identified – Health Equity Day 29.06.22 (initial analysis)  (Excel document) – the raw data plus our first attempt to synthesise these are below.

Initial analysis of your facilitator notes suggests there are 9 areas of potential focus that would create the conditions necessary for health equity. We’ve attached the raw data (above) so that you can see how your comments contributed to this. There is one tab with a summary and 2 other tabs with raw data and initial analysis.

This is a first draft at analysis of the outputs of the day, we would like your comments before finalising it.

 Tell us what you think – Email

  • Did we miss anything?
  • Did we misunderstand anything?
  • Is there anything that surprises you or comments you would like to share?
  • Finally, what do you think would be the top 3 actions you feel are needed? What do you think are the top 3 barriers that need to be overcome?

4. What we’ve done since the event:

– Andrea, Richard, Nicola – first go at synthesising the data (see point 3 above)

– Started pulling together resources so everyone can keep track of what’s happening –

– Booked a Facilitators session to reflect on day and review attendees’ feedback on Wed 27th July

– Added Insights from Health Equity Day as a standing item on the agenda for the OND Health Inequality Team due to meet next on Thurs 28th July

Immediate next steps:

  1. Taking this forward in collaboration.

There are different levels of engagement opportunity.

a)    Our existing Health Inequalities Team meets monthly and is tasked by One Northern Devon to lead the work operationally.

b)    A new Collaborative Leadership group/Health Inequalities co-production group. Yet to be formed but to involve people experiencing inequalities, staff working with those people and others.

Are you interested in being involved in this group, please let us know? Email Its first job will be to agree together when and how it meets/works. Some groundwork has already taken place with the help of the Kings Fund and South West Leadership Academy which we will share in a future update.

c)    Wider stakeholder group – those invited to the first workshop, who want to continue to be involved at this level. Can you tell us who/what organisations do you think were missing from the workshop?  

(July 13th 2022) Adding the Communities voice: HI Survey

As you may know, we are now running a Community Survey for the OND Health Inequalities Community Engagement Project. We know there is a lot of ‘survey fatigue’ out there, but some people do prefer a survey to other engagement methods. We’d be very grateful if you could share the following link and description to your mailing list:
Do you live in North Devon or Torridge?
If so, we’d love to hear your views!
The Surveys takes about 5 minutes. 
Your views will help to inform the new Health Inequalities Strategy for Northern Devon.

Organisations survey  – This survey is not for residents.

Residents surveyThis survey is not for organisations.

If you are interested in interviewing individuals as part of OND’s Health Inequalities qualitative research, please contact for further details.

(June 2022) June 29th 2022 – Northern Devon Health Inequalities Strategy Event 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this event. When you arrive and parked please can you go around to the front of the building to sign in and get a cup of tea/coffee/water and biscuits. This is a longer route and not accessible by wheelchair so there is an another route into the building through the courtyard opposite the first parking spaces you will see on your left as you arrive through the gates. In taking this route please turn immediately to your left as you come through the entrance door and follow the corridor straight on to get to the reception area. There will be Facilitators (wearing badges to identify who they are) who are there to help and give directions or answer general questions so please ask if you get stuck.

Thank you for registering to attend this event and committing your time to working together to develop a Health Inequality strategy for Northern Devon. Some key information is below, but any questions please get in touch with me on 01392 675437 or reply to this email if you have any further questions before the day. If you have any issues and you need to get in touch with someone urgently on the day please call Tawstock Court on the day on 01271 446333 or email Jane Jeyes via

The Location

Directions to venue – Tawstock Court

Venue address for sat nav is: Tawstock Court, Tawstock, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3HY.

If you have spaces in your car and able to car share or would like to car share with someone please contact Jumoke via . 


OND Health Equity Stakeholder Workshop Agenda 29.02.22 – Two pages, details of timings are on the second page.

Health Data and Resources to review before the day

If you are able please have a look at the attachments and links below before the event. We look forward to seeing you on the day.

100 people – Northern Locality– Northern Devon (attached) data is inclusive of  Barnstaple, Bideford, Holsworthy, Ilfracombe, South Molton, Torrington and surrounding areas

OND Engaging Communities Project Interim Report June 2022

It is not too late to get involved and share your experiences

One Northern Devon has partnered with Research Your Way to carry out an engagement project about health inequalities and we would really like to know your views. We would be very grateful if you would fill in the Inequalities and Challenges survey using the link below. The results of the survey will be used to inform One Northern Devon’s new Health Inequalities Strategy. Survey link: It is not a ‘tick box’ survey – there is space to write your views, opinions and experiences and we are really keen to hear from you. If you have any questions or queries about the survey or the project, please email If you have received the survey link already, there is no need to fill it in more than once.

Further information

Useful links

Introduction to the NHS Long Term Plan Implementation Framework: A proactive approach to prevention and reducing health inequalities

Difference between inequality, equality and equity

Visit the Healthy Ageing in Northern Devon section of our website

Visit the Live Longer Better section

Visit Enhanced Care in Care Homes (A reconditioning initiative) section


(14th July 2022) Live Longer Better Licenses still available 

Free Licences, funded by OND, for your Community Forum and Residents

  • See HAND page for more info
  • to obtain FREE licences please email

(June 2022) HAND Project phase 1

  • Evaluations are being finalised
  • OND are currently collating a HAND report
  • A film for Exmoor walks project will be completed in a few weeks time
  • Naturemade Café coffee/chats will continue until August 2022 and Age Concern until end July 2022
  • Harriet Hawkins has won the Royal Service Platinum Champions Award. Harriet was nominated and selected from over 3000 others for her work with older people and dementia Support in North and South Molton for her work setting up pop up cafes, activity sessions and delivering home visits alongside respite for carers. Harriet told us ‘It has been an amazing journey so far and I have loved providing a free dementia service to those in the local community as well as providing training and support to the local community in dementia. Thank you for all the support you have given me and the charity since we started.’  Here is some more information about the award  

HAND reports

Healthy Ageing Northern Devon (HAND) Community Support Report 

Useful links

Integrated care for older people: guidelines on community-level interventions to manage declines in intrinsic capacity (WHO)

Visit the Nature on Prescription section of our website.

NOP Final report 2022

Useful links

The Nature connection Hand book developed by the University of Derby with support from Natural England. 

Visit the OND board webpage.

Visit the OND One Communities Group webpage.

Links from last OC Group meeting August 2022

To provide feedback on Homelessness in North Devon and Refugees, Asylum Seekers, People for Settlement:

To share contacts for community groups working with families and children:

Mental Health



(2/9/22) Once completed, a thematic analysis will be shared with the One Communities for comment. This will ensure we have not missed anything that is important to stakeholders and we have clarity on what is needed.

Currently Data is not able to be split by community, but work is underway to do so.

We are collating the information from the two forms below and adding this into the thematic analysis, we have a caveat that there maybe more information so do encourage people to complete the forms as this will be added (up to 14th September 2022).

(August 3rd 2022) Engagement opportunities

Inclusion health slides for One North Devon Communities stakeholder engagement (PowerPoint)

  • Devon Public Health are looking to work with families to shape ideas and thinking around design of a model of health and wellbeing support for children and families. We want to learn from the experiences of families in their local community and understand their views and values. The aim is to co-develop a more holistic approach promoting good health and wellbeing; one that helps to create the wider environments that can enable all children, young people, and their families to thrive, as well as providing access to appropriate resources, services, and support when families want and need them. 
  • The initial information gathered from various stakeholders will provide insights and contribution to wider thinking about healthy lifestyle services and family approaches. 
  •  Any insights gathered from North Devon area will also likely contribute to the health inequalities work led by research your way and any other local programmes of work that may be looking at place/community solutions. Its also possible that participants could speak about  natural resources and access to them to support physical movement that could be helpful to any thinking  around blue/green social prescription

Community Engagement / Insight surveys 

(June 2022) Creating a model of health and wellbeing support for children and families

The Public Health team are currently exploring some engagement and insight work with parents/carers of families with child/ren.

We are looking to work with families to shape ideas and thinking around design of a model of health and wellbeing support for children and families. The aim is to co-develop a more holistic approach promoting good health and wellbeing; as well as providing access to appropriate resources, services, and support when families want and need them.

They are also looking to learn from colleagues valuable experiences engaging children and families learning from what’s working well, ease of access for families to services and challenges faced supporting families.

If you are able to support them and help in connecting with local groups that work with families (parents and carers) then please do get in touch with Sarah Phillips, Advanced Public Health Practitioner, Public Health Devon, Devon County Council



Torridge Health PCN are coordinating a reconditioning initiative for care homes within the Torridge area and I would like to introduce Andrew Jefferey, there new activity facilitator. Andrew will be reaching out to all the One communities in the Torridge area – Please click here to read about the EHCH initiative.

The BeeZee Bodies contract will be extended till April 2023 and they are very keen to support any community outreach activities that are coming up over the next few months.
BeeZee Bodies are hearing that many men are asking for weight management services in North Devon and thought there may be some interest among your communities. They deliver a Free Men’s Weight Loss Programme for residents in Devon (funded by Devon Council) alongside One Small Step and Exeter Fit Fans.
  • They have online sessions starting in September 2022
For more info, see links below and contact 

(3rd August 2022) Unpaid carers awareness training available

Supporting Unpaid Carers – Wellbeing Teams Network Meeting July 2022 (PowerPoint)

Here is the link to the online training course which could be useful for anyone who wants to find out a bit more They’ll need to register on the website, and will then get access to the video training. Once they complete it, they’ll get an electronic certificate too. It takes about 30 minutes to watch all the videos.

The Devon Carers Awareness Manager, Suzie, would be really happy to get alongside any groups and arrange some more detailed awareness training for them / work with them to create any resources they need or to collaborate with them, including the Carer Recognition Tools – It’s a really simple card that can attach to their ID lanyards and gives some pointers and what to do if they identify a carer – may be a useful reminder to have on them! Please contact 


18/8/22 – Connecting Actively with Nature (CAN) Autumn 2022 programme

CAN Exmoor Poster Autumn 2022

We will be running two new CAN projects this Autumn (Connecting Actively with Nature) funded by Active Devon. These projects are aimed at over 55’s wanting to become more active and meet people in their local community reducing isolation and loneliness. We will be putting up some posters to advertise the programmes but wanted to give you a heads up just in case you would like to refer people into the project. The first one CAN Explore Exmoor in Autumn will start on 26th September and this time we are aiming at the more rural communities and will be providing transport to link a route from Ilfracombe, Hele Bay, Watermouth, Berrynarbor & Combe Martin.

  • Participants are required to sign up for the full 10-week programme to benefit from the funding and will be asked to complete a base line questionnaire (we will assist with this)
  • The CAN project has run across North Devon for the last 18 months, South Molton (2) , Barnstaple (2) & Lynton and Lynmouth have had programmes. The next two will be focused on some of the more rural community pick ups.
  • The first one through Ilfracombe, Hele Bay, Combe Martin and the second through Fremington, Landkey, Swminbridge and Filleigh.
  • The second programme will incorporate a route from Fremington through, Landkey, Swimbridge & Filleigh so will be more appropriate for Barnstaple 


(July 2022)

  • One Small Step’s Summer 2022 Newsletter
  • Extract: The Community Engagement team made contact with a variety of men specific groups this year including Dough Bro’s, Andy’s Man Club and local Men’s Sheds. We visited some of the groups  some lively conversations around staying healthy as we age and the the importance of social groups for staying active and building a social life. If you are part of a community group who might be interested in knowing more about what the Community Engagament Team can do for your community group send us an email at

(June 2022)

  • FREE eMECC (Making Every Contact Count) is on Wednesday 6th July 10am-1pm. 
    Participants will gain skills, knowledge and confidence to have ‘healthy’ conversations with people about their health and wellbeing whether in a voluntary or paid capacity. If you would like to sign up, please contact my colleague (Organiser and Tutor). 
  • A brief alcohol awareness training package which would enable people to be more confident in approaching conversations with people around their alcohol use. It’s up to an hour and Mark is happy to deliver this to anyone who would like to take part.Please contact Mark for further information – 

Torrington Pride event and exhibition information

Are any of you interested in hosting the Sunrise Diversity ’50 years of Pride’ exhibition?  If any organisations would like to host the exhibition in a foyer or staff room, Tanya can deliver it across Northern Devon – contact Tanya at to book now.

Attached is more information and a photo of the exhibition, which also includes a section on:

  • Being an ally- crucially important in terms of supporting people who may be questioning their gender or sexual identity#


  • Together with the Plough Arts Centre they hosted a film night and exhibition to celebrate 50 years of UK Pride and the good attendance demonstrated the support and solidarity for people from the LGBTQ+ community, not only in Torrington but across Northern Devon.
  • The exhibition details the progress made towards acceptance and inclusion across 5 decades whilst recognising pivotal milestones, significant challenges and the discrimination faced by the LGBTQ+ community as well as some local queer stories and advice on how to be a good ally. I’m sure you will agree crucial in terms of promoting emotional health and wellbeing for people who may be questioning their sexual or gender identity.
  • Two films were screened, firstly the 2019 documentary ‘Are you Proud’, which used archive materials together with interviews from leading campaigners to portray a moving account of the historical context and the lived experience of people from the LGBTQ+ community. The second film ‘Stonewall Forever’- was a short documentary about the past, present and future of Pride (links in attached doc)


Lou Higgins, Locality Director (Interim) – North and East Devon, NHS Devon & Devon County Council

Useful links

Integrated care systems explained (Kings Fund)


5/8/22 – Shared patient records

Health and care partners are preparing to launch the Devon and Cornwall Care Record this summer.

The DCCR will enable authorised health and care staff to see relevant details held by a range of health and care providers across Devon, Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly in a single record – giving them a more complete view of a patient’s history. It’s part of a national programme to transform information sharing across health and social care.

The launch is part of a phased roll out that will enable additional organisations to sign up to use the system over time. To date, 108 organisations have signed up. Read more

(22/7/22) Help develop an ICS strategy

  • The ICS is informed by a VCSE Assembly
  • The ICB (One Devon) has created a ‘Community First Strategy’ (draft) that sets out a vision – ‘To create the conditions to empower people to take a greater role in their own health and care and deliver services which use our workforce most effectively to deliver outstanding care; providing sustainable, community care based on what people tell us they need, in the place they most want to be enabled by collaborative design, commissioning and delivery across Devon ICS.’
  • Introducing One Devon (video)
  • They ‘want community services, including the voluntary sector, to be far more prominent in our system with well thought out planning regarding the steps we need to take to achieve the vision.’
  • This strategy will be signed of in September by the ICB, OND requested a copy and asked if we can share with VCSE leaders for commenting. Please read and send any comments for consideration by Friday 29th July 2022 to

(14 July 2022) Making sense of Integrated Care Part 2

  • Integrated care boards (ICBs) replaced clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in the NHS in England from 1 July 2022.
  • One Devon is the name for the ICB in our county. They are ‘a collaboration of the NHS and local councils, as well as a wide range of other organisations like the voluntary sector, who are working together to improve the lives of people in Devon.’
  • The Health and Social Care Act 2022 requires ‘The responsible local authority and each of its partner integrated care boards must prepare a strategy (“a joint local health and wellbeing strategy”) setting out how the assessed needs [Joint Strategic Needs Assessments] in relation to the responsible local authority’s area are to be met by the exercise of functions of— (a) the responsible local authority, (b) its partner integrated care boards, or (c) NHS England (Section 26, 5b, 2).
  • Local care partnerships (LCPs) ‘are collaborations between a wide range of organisations and groups who help people live happier and healthier lives… Devon has five LCPs across the county’… An LCP is not a new organisation but a renewed partnership that, by aligning resources and efforts, will collectively seek to make a difference to the lives of people in [specific areas e.g. Northern Devon]. Many factors affect people’s health and wellbeing from their homes and personal finances to their education and employment. LCPs bring together the organisations and groups that provide these services (and many others) to better support people and communities.’
  • Devon has five LCPs across the county: In Northern Devon, ‘One Northern Devon’ are an integral part of the LCP

Here’s a useful video from the Kings fund explaining these important changes to our Health and Care systems and a blog post from Nuffield Trust ‘A new NHS reorganisation: will it work this time?

(June 2022) Making sense of Integrated Care Part 1

This structure or terminology can be reflected in evaluation reports. There is a lot of work underway at the moment as Integrated Care Systems become statutory bodies that have Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs). There are clear structures at each level of the hierarchy as in the diagram but how each level communicates with the other doesn’t seem as developed at this time.

In the NHS Long Term plan there are masses of work programmes e.g. 

 Prevention where there are the following programmes/ambitions:

  • Using evidence based programmes for smoking, obesity and alcohol intake reduction
  • Managing diabetes
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Reducing air pollution
  • Provide digital tools e.g. smartphone apps to enable more people to self-manage and access online services

Ageing Well as far as I can glean and what I was told by NHS England was that there are the following main programmes

  • Urgent Community Response
  • Anticipatory Care
  • Enhanced Health in Care Homes

This slide is helpful to see how some of the work overlaps and is focussed



(June 2022)

Northern Devon Futures (NDF) is the partnership of organisations working together to improve the
lives of those who live and work in Northern Devon and to plan for the future of the area. The partnership will agree its vision, aims and objectives at its next meeting, following consultation. The draft vision proposed is set out below:

‘The Vision of the Partnership is that by 2050 Northern Devon is healthy, prosperous and sustainable, recognised for its aspiration, innovation, and ability to get things done. A place where all are able to succeed and no one is left behind.’

John Womersley, Chair of One Northern Devon, is one of the Membership of the NDF Partnership Strategic Board.

There are five action groups:

  1. Economy, Innovation and Skills,
  2. Health and Wellbeing (One Northern Devon Board)
  3. Climate Emergency
  4. Place and Community
  5. Children and Young People

One Northern Devon are the proxy group for Health and Wellbeing protem.