(20/7/22) Roundup

DCC have been awarded just under £500k to undertake a Devon wide programme of work. 50K has been allocated to OND to deliver a project which provides ‘enabling via social prescribing’ and a proposal has been sent to the Transport Dept at DCC that includes a programme of nature and art based activites (similar to the Nature on Prescription) with PCN/self-referrals.  The hope is that we can target those individuals who are harder to reach and provide a programme of activities which helps to build sustainable social relationships beyond the project. 

(July 2022) A new opportunity

  • The Transport Services Department in DCC have been successful in securing funding for ‘Tackling Loneliness with Transport’.  Devon is one of 12 areas nationally that has been selected for this funding, with a total of £494,000 allocated to Devon.   
  • There are two aspects to this – Firstly, they will be working with Devon Communities Together to set up a community grant scheme which local communities can bid for to enable small bits of localised work.  The allocated amount for this is £170,000 
  • Secondly, the remainder will be divided up and allocated to specific partner organisations to run projects. One Northern Devon is a partner organisation and has been allocated £50,000.   
  • As is often the case with funding, timescales are very tight for this, with projects running from June 2022-May 2023. Karen Rose from the Transport Services department has requested that OND get a proposal to her by the 14th June. 
  • The bid included aspects of ‘enabling with social prescribing’, the Healthy Ageing in Northern Devon (HAND) programme, and Nature on prescription. 
  • Simon Rapsey, the new OND Service Manager, met with those that responded to an email callout, including representatives from the Social Prescribers, Community Developers, PCN’s and the OND HAND/NOP steering groups to co-create a proposal which was submitted 14 June 2022. 
  • For more information please email simon.rapsey1@nhs.net