A FREE, LOCALLY designed and focused ‘Workplace Wellbeing’ programme designed to support local businesses build more resilient and happier workforces. 

In partnership with South West Business Council SAV Training, Devon Communities Together, One Small Step and Griffiths Construction company along with other anchor institutions, One Northern Devon have an engaging series of FREE training and resources which aims to help leaders create and enhance their wellbeing strategy. The first being a Webinar on Monday 30th May which will provide attendees with valuable insights into how to create an impactful wellbeing strategy to promote positive mental and physical health. OND are seeking to share this opportunity with as many North Devon businesses so they can benefit from the training, support and resources available with the long-term goal being to create a network of wellbeing champions.  

Dr Kay Brennan is a North Devon based family doctor, with a keen interest in health and wellbeing in the workplace. One Northern Devon (a multi-sector partnership working together to improve wellbeing in our area) has developed an innovative, evaluated and accredited scheme that will engage at a 1:1 level with your business. 

Please read our short brief as an introduction to our aims and objectives. I have also included a very short data capture and sign up form to understand a little about your company. Please complete this and return to our mailbox rde-tr.workplacewellbeingproject@nhs.net 

We kicked off with a FREE 60 minute webinar on 30th May at 0830. This was in partnership with south west business council (SWBC) and SAV, led by an experienced occupational wellbeing coach. All attendees were invited to follow up bonus resources, including a directory of tools, a 30 minute 1:1, and team development and taster sessions. Book online for one of our two Workplace Wellbeing Webinars Autumn 2022

There is also have a range of wellbeing events, led by Devon Communities Together, that your team can log onto over the coming months. Book online for:

  • Tai Chi and Qigong for Wellbeing 30th June 11am book here 
  • Real Food and a good night’s sleep; the essential ingredients for a happy life 6th July 6pm book here 

There are no strings attached to this offer! We simply aim to support as many businesses and social enterprises in North Devon as we can, so they feel able to meet the challenges and opportunities that this post covid recovery period presents. 

Kindly complete the sign up form and return by email